The Punishment for Weakness is Death..!

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on January 3, 2018 in Daily Quote, International Affairs, My Views, Pak - America Relationship, Pakistan |

No one can insult us without our permission.

Pakistan’s mute statement (reflecting as if it was not coming from a nuclear power but an eunuch tiny island) in reply to the highly aggressive, undiplomatic, insulting and uncalled-for Tweet of the insane US president, is a sure recipe for inviting aggression from the inimical forces.

It is a known fact that correct posturing has a major share in averting in any unwanted clash; a recent glaring example of which is North Korean posturing.

Are we waiting for another Salala or Abbotabad to react?

However, why are we not acting, why Pakistani authorities always react. But in this case, our official statement after the NSC’s meeting, was not even a reaction.

Our statement practically conveys the message, as if, we were asking a question to the aggressor that we should now, take it as a final NO.

In view of the highest level of insult caused by the Tweet of the insane US president, we should have told the US government that from our side you and your aid should go to hell.

Further, the US AID offices should have been closed on a notice of 24 hours; and all US and foreign NGO’s ordered to pack up and leave Pakistan, within 72 hours.

Such drastic actions would have served a bold notice to the US that Pakistan would not compromise on its prestige and would have been an insurance, in stopping any future nonsensical statements about Pakistan.

We must remember that American authorities know very well that in this region, their policies need Pakistan’s cooperation, much more than India.

Only, we have to realise our own importance and not to degrade our self esteem, at any cost.

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