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Subject:- Involve 21 crore Pakistanis to fight the terrorism
The President of Pakistan
The Prime Minister of Pakistan
All Parliamentarians of Pakistan
Entire Leadership of Pakistan
All Pakistanis
اسلام و علیکم

Today on 1 December, 2017 another terrorist attack in Peshawar took the lives of 9 people, whereas, 30 persons got injured.
In this latest terrorist attack, it has been reported that three attackers wearing burqa, arrived at their target place in a rickshaw, which again proves beyond shadow of any doubt that the attackers spent much of their time, hiding in Peshawar, before the attack, in some nearby building.
In this regard, kind attention of all concerned is invited towards the following proposal of 26, November, 2010 to curb the menace of terrorism posted on www.snayyar.com at link:- http://www.snayyar.com/terrorism-a-proposal-to-curb-the-menace.html#sthash.1hRcSZ1D.dpbs

Terrorism – A proposal to Curb the Menace

The sudden increase of acts of terrorism with particular reference to the incidents in May 2011 & PIDC house attack on Nov. 11, 2010 in Karachi, highlights the importance of preventive measures to curb the menace of terrorism, which is causing severe losses to men, material and reputation of the country.
In the cases of terrorist attacks on the GHQ, PIDC house & Pakistan Navy air base it was reported that the gang of attackers was residing in a rented house for wuite some time, in an area not very far away from their targets. It was also reported that the neighbors of these houses were although, suspicious of these tenants yet; they kept quiet and did not tip area police about their apprehensions.
Under the circumstances there is a dire need for motivating general public, to remain extra -vigilant in playing their role of defending the motherland, by involvement of entire population of the country, to look out for the stay and suspicious activities of the terrorist, in their near vicinity.
As such, In order to make the stay of terrorists at any place almost impossible, it is proposed to actively involve the entire population to look out & hunt them.
This objective can be easily achieved, by the announcement of the Government, that a reward of Rs. 50 millions shall be paid to any person, who informs the Police about the terrorist staying in a house, hostel, hotel, rest house or any such place.
If the war against terror is to be won quickly, the entire population of the country have to be geared up and involved in the task of watch and vigilance.
This war can not be won, alone, by our security agencies.

Best Regards,
Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

PS…Enemy likes Eid days..!

The first PAF jet fighter to shoot down an enemy aircraft was F-86F Sabre No 55-005 of No 15 Squadron, the unit also known as the “Cobras”. Flying this aircraft, Flight Lieutenant M Younis downed an Indian Air Force Canberra while it was on a photo reconnaissance mission high over the Rawalpindi area on 10 April 59, an Eid day. Pilot Officer Rab Nawaz was the Air Defence Controller on radar for this mission.

Today on Friday, 1 December, 2017 our enemy again selected the Auspicious day of the Eid Milad un Nabi to attack students hostel of an institution in Peshawar.

Our coward enemy is mistaken that it can find Pakistanis off guard on Eid days.

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