Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory..!

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on October 2, 2017 in Cricket, My Views, Pakistan, Sports |

The below note  was written on the 3rd day of the first Abu Dhabi Test match.
However, the result of the first Test match reflects that the Sri Lankan team didn’t win, but Pakistani team lost.
In fact, scoring 114 runs in the second innings of a Test match, is not acceptable score even for a 20 overs match.
The chairman PCB must intervene personally; and order immediate inclusion of Fakhar Zaman in the Test team of 2nd Test, as an opener.
Moreover, the chairman PCB must call explanations from the whole selection committee, captain Sarfraz Ahmad and Coach Micky Arthur, for not including in the squad Fawad Alam, Junaid Khan and a right arm off spinner, for the left handed Sri Lankan batsmen.
Basically, we lost the match, because all our batsmen played very defensively and selfishly, to secure their own positions and just scored 209 runs in 90 overs of the first innings.
Any team with selfish players is the best recipe for defeat against, even weak teams.

*Write Up*:

Now it is high time that selectors, coach and captain of men’s team must also be made answerable for their not ordinary, but glaringly defensive tactics; and selection blunders in the ongoing Test match vs the SL team.
Why they selected 7 batsmen and only four bowlers, which allowed SL to score 419 runs and exhausted our bowlers as well?
What was the utility of being so defensive against such a weak team?
It is famously said in cricket that if 5 regular batsmen can’t score then 6 or 7 batsmen will also not score.
Why 3 regular openers were played which also resulted in disturbing the whole batting order.
Why Fawad Alam was dropped with 59+ runs average in last 3 years vs zero average of Haris Suhail in last 3 years?
Why no off spinner was played for so many left handed SL batsmen?
If final eleven is always wrongly selected by the coach and captain, then why not revert to the old practice of making the touring manager, as the chief member of the tour selection committee?
If always poor selection by the national selection committee, then why pay so much heavily to them, when in the past selectors did this job free of cost, as a national honour?
The whole set up of men’s team also needs an urgent shake up, as our team is performing less than ordinary against the weakest time in Asia.

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