Pakistan of Overseas Pakistanis..!

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on September 25, 2017 in Case for Pakistan's Loan write off, My Views, Pak Loan Write-off, Pakistan |

The government and politicians of Pakistan must realise that overseas Pakistanis are not just cash cows, sending billions of dollars; for their spendings as if, it was their fathers money.

Overseas Pakistanis are a very precious asset, institute and life line for Pakistan, who deserve special treatment by the nation, concerned embassies and everyone in the country.
First of all, they deserve right of vote. Secondly, they should be given special 3% PA profit on their foreign currency accounts in Pakistan, special protocol at the airports and separate counters at police stations and such like many other facilities. They should be given special discounts at all malls and by the travel agents; with the purpose to give them a sense of security, pride and honour.
It is further suggested that during five years term of a government, five persons nominated by the OP’s must be given a one year term to each person, as a deputy PM of Pakistan, which will not only resolve lot of issues of OP’s, but will bring huge businesses, investments and improvements in balance of trade for Pakistan.
In short OP’s should be considered prime movers of a peaceful, prosperous and strong Pakistan.


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