Pakistan of Overseas Pakistanis..!

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The government and politicians of Pakistan must realise that overseas Pakistanis are not just cash cows, sending billions of dollars; for their spendings as if, it was their fathers money.

Overseas Pakistanis are a very precious asset, institute and life line for Pakistan, who deserve special treatment by the nation, concerned embassies and everyone in the country.
First of all, they deserve right of vote. Secondly, they should be given special 3% PA profit on their foreign currency accounts in Pakistan, special protocol at the airports and separate counters at police stations and such like many other facilities. They should be given special discounts at all malls and by the travel agents; with the purpose to give them a sense of security, pride and honour.
It is further suggested that during five years term of a government, five persons nominated by the OP’s must be given a one year term to each person, as a deputy PM of Pakistan, which will not only resolve lot of issues of OP’s, but will bring huge businesses, investments and improvements in balance of trade for Pakistan.
In short OP’s should be considered prime movers of a peaceful, prosperous and strong Pakistan.



This is not cricket..!

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This is not cricket…Mian Muhammmad Nawaz Sharif.

Now, the PCB headed by the genius media man Mr. Najam Sethi; and its most highly paid selection committee, has devised an ingenious method to perpetuate its favouritism and nepotism policy, to include Shan Masood (son of Mr. Mansoor M. Khan member BoG of PCB & chairman audit committee of the PCB), at every cost, in the squad for Test matches vs the Sri Lankan team.

The squad usually consists of 15 members, but this time it consists of 16 members, notwithstanding the fact that Dubai is just few hours flight from Pakistan and for such a weak opponent, sending 16 members squad was a sheer waste of PCB’s valuable resources.

The nation has a right to ask the PCB chairman and its team of selectors, on what basis they dropped Sami Aslam and included Shan Masood from the West Indian tour, when during the team’s tour of England the batting average of Sami Aslam was 55 runs agains 12 runs batting average of Shan Masood.

In all fairness, this selection committee is not a fair minded committee believing in intellectual honesty; and may be thinking that people don’t know that how undeserving players are made to look like super stars, by repeatedly, repeat repeatedly, giving them opportunities to play against weak teams, like West Indies and Sri Lanka.

Moreover, inclusion of Sami Aslam in the squad for Test matches vs the Sri Lankan team, after dropping him from the squad of the Caribbean tour (please note in between Sami Aslam and Pakistani team didn’t play any Test match) proves that the selectors in the first instance, wrongly favoured Shan Masood by selecting him for the Caribbean tour and Sami Aslam was made to suffer, because he has no relative serving, in the BoG of the PCB.

Now, coming to Mr. Najam Sethi’s stance that since, he knows nothing about cricket, he wants to tell the selection committee to not even put the papers to him for his final approval of the team.

This stance doesn’t absolve Mr. Najam Sethi of his constitutional responsibilities, where the chairman PCB must approve the team selected by committee of selectors.

Moreover, this also proves that Mr. Najam Sethi should be doing anything but, heading the PCB.

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, salute to you for handing over the PCB to Mr. Najam Sethi, blatantly violating the cardinal rule of putting the right man, at the right job.

Mr. Ex. Prime Minister of Pakistan for three times, if you can’t do the right appointment in an extremely important national organisation (where the chairman himself admitted in a TV interview that he knew nothing about cricket), how you are again asking to be made the PM of the country, for the fourth time?

Pakistan team: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Azhar Ali, Shan Masood, Sami Aslam, Babar Azam, Asad Shafiq, Haris Sohail, Usman Salahuddin, Yasir Shah, Mohammad Asghar, Bilal Asif, Mir Hamza, Mohammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Mohammad Abbas, Wahab Riaz


How not to select a hit man?

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,



These days it is widely speculated that soon you will be appointing a new finance minister.

In this regard, obviously you will be interviewing few deserving persons, for selecting the best candidate, for the post of finance minister of Pakistan.

I take this opportunity to suggest you to appoint such a person, for this very important and crucial job, who will give you the best plan, to do ONLY the following two jobs for Pakistan in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME,  under your cabinet:

– How to make Pakistan free of entire foreign debt?

– How to bring back wealth belonging to Pakistan, stashed illegally, in the foreign countries?

As, it must be in your knowledge that the above two issues were the main points, in the PMLN’s election manifesto promises with the nation, during the election campaign of general elections 2013; about which your party has miserably failed up-till now, but will be answerable for these promises to its voters, during the next general elections.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad


America & Pakistan – A Saga of Love & Hate

Donald Trump must come clean on following accounts before expecting anything further from Pakistan:

1. Which peace loving country created
Al-Qaeda & ISIS? Was it Pakistan or America?

2. Which country (Pakistan or America) recently ferried ISIS to Tora Bora mountains on unmarked helicopters in Afghanistan? And what was the purpose of bringing ISIS terrorists, near to the Pakistani borders?

3. Why India & Afghanistan, right under the nose of the US government forces, are using Afghan territory, for un-leashing state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan, which was also confirmed by the former US Secretary of defence?
In this regard, Pakistan has already provided a dossier on Kalbhushan Yadev, giving details of the Indian state sponsored terrorism, which is an irrefutable proof of India’s state sponsored terrorist activities in Pakistan.

4. Why India is protesting against Pakistani efforts of constructing wall/fencing on Pak-Afghan borders, to stop terrorists being launched from Afghanistan into Pakistan? Are the Indians and Afghans afraid that with the building of wall/fencing, the excuse/propaganda that the terrorists are coming into Afghanistan from Pakistan’s territory, will no longer be tenable?

5. Why India is not protesting against Donald Trump’s plans of constructing wall along the border of Mexico?

6. Why and with which intentions US senators are meeting Indian sponsored terrorist, Altaf Hussain, in London, knowing fully well that he was the top fugitive of Pakistan, responsible for thousands of targeted killings and innumerable terror activities in Pakistan? Should Pakistan take these meetings as acts of friendship from the US, with which it has joined hands, for the last many decades, against fighting the Russian invasion of Afghanistan; and later on, in the WOT, which has so far caused loss of lives of over 60,000 Pakistanis killed, many more injured and cumulative financial losses of over a trillion dollars to its economy?

7. What will be the reaction of US government, if Pakistani law makers meet US’s enemy sponsored terrorists?

8. US must come clean and let the world and Pakistan, very clearly know, whether US is with Pakistan or with those terrorists and terror sponsoring countries, who are spreading terrorism, chaos and instability in Pakistan?

9. US must also tell the world, what it has done and is doing, to stop terrorists, launched by the Indian and Afghan governments, from Afghanistan into Pakistan?

10. US must also tell Pakistan, why it reneged from its promise with Pervaiz Musharraf’s government, in lieu of Pakistan’s total cooperation in WOT; that India will not have any role in Afghanistan’s war?

11. Does Donald Trump thinks that peace in south east Asia is possible, without resolving the Kashmir issue, according to the UN resolutions and wishes of the Kashmiris?

12. Why Donald Trump does not condemn state sponsored terrorism of Indian government, over the Kashmiris and why India is not censured and threatened with US sanctions, over its war crimes in Kashmir, genocide/lynching of Muslims in India (as a state policy to please hard liner Hindus and terrorist organisation RSS), over cows issue; and grave human rights violations, against minorities and low cast Hindus, all over India?

13. Why Donald Trump is embracing Narendra Modi, whose hands are soaked with the blood/genocide/holocaust of thousands of Muslims, brutally killed in Gujarat, under his direct orders, which immediately resulted in ban on grant of US visa, to Narendra Modi?

14. Donald Trump and the US government must not forget that any aid it gave to Pakistan’s military, was not a favour, but to enable Pakistani military, to fight the US IMPOSED WOT.

15. Donald Trump should also not forget that the few billion dollars it paid to Pakistan for GLOC (ground lines of communications) was not a favour or charity, but were reimbursements.

16. Rather, it was Pakistan which gave to the US a big favour/charity of many more billions of dollars, by charging extremely low rates for the GLOC, as compared with the Russian States; and also don’t forget Pakistani huge charity to the US (about which Pakistan never mentioned unlike Donald Trump) for not charging a single penny, for the use of Pakistani air space. Hope the US government knows very well how much it paid to the Turkish government, for use of the Turkish air space, during Iraq war, for a very short time.

17. Hope the US government and Donald Trump knows how much it owes to Pakistan, for saving US troops from being lynched in Somalia?

18. In view of the foregoing, it is now for Donald Trump and his government to decide, once for all, whether the US is a friend or foe of Pakistan? But remember, from now onwards, the US can not be a foe of Pakistan, pretending to be its friend, as well.
Pakistan has had enough; and it can no more be deceived, to put its existence on line, to fight wars for others and take their flak, as well.

19. Last but not the least, for decades and decades, almost every American/world civil and military leader has appreciated Pakistan’s role and it’s unparalleled sacrifices, as a front line state during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and during the ongoing WOT, for the last over sixteen years.

20. In view of the foregoing, it is now for Donald Trump and his government to decide, once for all, whether the US is a friend or foe of Pakistan? But remember, from now onwards, the US can not be a foe of Pakistan, pretending to be its friend, as well.
Pakistan has had enough; and it can no more be deceived, to put its existence on line, to fight wars for others and take their flak, as well.


Open Letter to PCB..!

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All the members of the BOG PCB.

Dear Sirs,

As reported in the media that the last and final meeting of the current BOG of the PCB is scheduled to be held on Friday, 28 July, 2017 at Lahore.

In this regard, your kind attention is invited to the following extremely important unfinished agenda of your tenure.

1. The PSL management paid ENTIRE income of PSL-1 to the five franchises (about $4.5 million) from the following three income sources clubbed as pool money.

1. Gate money.
2. Sponsorship.
3. Media rights.

Now, the question is, if at all this whole pool money amount of about $4.5 million or about Rs.45 crore
was to be divided among the all stake holders, why PCB was NOT considered as one of the stake holder, and why only 5 franchises were considered the stake holders?Whereas, originally PCB contributed $5.0 million, as seed money; and franchises, individually, on an average, just contributed only $1.86 million to start the PSL project. The total reported amount of five franchises collected by the PSL was $9.3 million or Rs.93 crore.

Why PCB was given only Rs.4 crore as pre tax profit; and PCB thrown out and left out from its major share of income, from the pool money of about Rs.45 crore?

Here, it is extremely important repeat, extremely important that how PCB’s ORIGINAL seed money share ($5.0 million) which was 53.763%, was manipulatively mentioned as VERY LITTLE,(to justify entire or 100% pool money payment to the franchises), at the website of the PCB quoted as below:

Quote. “PCB invested very little as seed money in the project while the Franchisees invested $9.3m in the form of franchise fee to PCB.” Unquote.

2. In addition to the above payment mentioned at # 1, PCB paid $2.2 million or about Rs.22 crore (without stipulating in the agreement of the franchises), because on PCB’s website


it is stated that expenses paid to the franchises AS PLEDGED DURING MARKETING PRESENTATIONS.

Here, the following two extremely serious financial and Audit violations were committed in payment of $2.2 million or about Rs.22 crore to the five franchises:

a). Since payment of such a huge amount was not MENTIONED in the franchise agreement, the release of such payment was highly irregular, unlawful and illegal.

The facts of highly irregular, unlawful and illegal payments from the profits of PCB can be verified from the following statement, published by the PCB at its website (link provided above) quoted as below:

Quote. “PCB reimbursed them to the tune of $2.2m out of its own profits in order to reduce their losses as pledged during marketing presentations before the process of sale of franchise rights.” Unquote.

b). The release of the above mentioned payment of $2.2 million or about Rs.22 crore from the profits of the PCB to the five franchises, becomes even more gravely irregular, illegal and unlawful act, because NO audit of the franchises was conducted by the PCB/PSL authorities, to verify the genuineness of the expenses of the franchises.

In view of the above details of about Rs.67 crores loss caused to the PCB, the honourable members must demand satisfactory answers from the concerned PCB/PSL officials/PCB’s Audit Committee members/External and Internal Auditors of the PCB; and also these Audit Reports and specific answers to the above questions must be brought to the notice of the public, through media and posted on the website of the PCB, as per transparent and good management practices.

Last but not the least, the nation also demands the answers of the following questions from the honourable members of BOG of the PCB.

1. Why Mr. Mr. Najam Sethi did not resign on the following issues.

a). When recently ICC reverted back from the Big3 formula, which was so vehemently supported/voted by Mr.Najam Sethi, despite severe opposition from the Pakistani people, which considered it a big insult and humiliation for Pakistan, to vote in the ICC, for the Indian hegemony and toeing behind India.

b). When, even after voting for the Indian plan of Big3 in the ICC, PCB failed to get that amount ($150 million) of increased share from the ICC’s revenue, which Mr. Najam Sethi is on record to have very boldly informed the nation that the PCB has been elevated in the ICC as Big4; and now instead of $100 million it will get $150 million. What actually happened that as reported by the media, PCB got even less payment from the ICC 2015 ODI World Cup, than the 2011 ODI World Cup.

2. Mr. Najam Sethi also owe answers to the nation (before getting elevation as chairman PCB) on the following accounts:

a). When he had CONCRETE prior information about the spot fixing in ensuing PSL-2 matches, why he did not took preemptive action to nip the evil in bud?
His video statement that he decided that it was spot fixing and not match fixing, should be considered a tacit approval, to let our players defame and destroy the image and reputation of Pakistan, at an international stage?

b). Why PSL/PCB has not taken action against those franchise managements whose maximum number of players have been named in the spot fixing?

c). What is the reason that about
10-12 Pakistani players names have cropped up in the spot fixing scandal of PSL-2, but 100% foreign players are clean and out of this issue, despite the fact that Mr. Najam Sethi had prior concrete information of spot fixing?

d). Does Mr. Najam Sethi has any idea about how much this scandal has defamed Pakistan and damaged our national prestige and image?
Then why FIA was stopped to probe the matter of national interest, on the pretext of ICC’s objection, but at the same time the PCB did not hesitate taking help from the crime agency of the UK?

e). It it a fact that the final match of PSL-2 held at Lahore, resulted in gate money of about Rs.18 crore; and the combined gate money of 24 PSL-1 matches in 2016, was Rs.11 crore.

f) Will the honourable members of the BOG of the PCB, liked to be informed, why they were asked to give approval for the separation of PSL from PCB, in shape of a private company, when the country rules did not permit such an act, and on what grounds the said idea has been now shelved by the PCB?

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

Following details copied from the PCB’s website:

PCB website link:-

Q: Did the PCB make a loss or profit from the first edition of PSL?

Ans: PCB invested very little as seed money in the project while the Franchisees invested $9.3m in the form of franchise fee to PCB. Upon conclusion of all PSL accounts, PCB earned $2.6m profit before tax, while the Franchisees, as expected, showed losses on their initial investment. Being cognizant of this fact, PCB reimbursed them to the tune of $2.2m out of its own profits in order to reduce their losses as pledged during marketing presentations before the process of sale of franchise rights. But the franchisees benefited from a significant rise in the value of their assets, called capital gain, by over 100% and they were able to cash in on this dimension by getting major brand name sponsors and media houses on board. It may be noted that 6 out of 8 IPL teams, for example, even after 8 seasons, are still operating under heavy losses. International Sports Management company Repucom recently briefed the PSL franchisees on how much the value of their asset has risen, which has raised the prospect of auctioning more teams at above the values obtained from the earlier round of auctions for the five teams.


Modi’s India must stop genocide of Muslim minority in the name of cow..!


Since 2014, when #Modi, the #butcher of #Muslims in #Gujrat, became #PM of #India, #cow #terrorism has resulted in 32 mob attacks which have resulted in #genocide/#lynching of 23 Muslims, all over India.
Modi is running a systematic campaign to advance his political agenda to kill, harass and subjugate about 250 million Muslims in India, to perpetuate his rule on kill, hate and humiliate Muslims in India; and hurl threats of all sorts, including stoppage of water, against Pakistan policy, which is a very popular slogan/doctrine, among the majority of Hindu #RSS (#Hindu terrorist organisation) extremists and hardliners in India, who have even suppressed the voices of protests of moderate Hindus of India.
Virtually, moderate Indians have become hostage of the 21st century #Hitler (Modi).
Just like Hitler, Modi is unleashing a #Holocaust of the unimaginable physical and mental torture, for the 250 million Muslims of India.
Now, this situation has reached such a level that entire, repeat entire 250 million population of Muslims in India, have become virtual prisoners of terror of Modi’s anti-Muslim policy.
Recently, #UN declared the Muslims of #Rohingya, as the most persecuted minority of the world. The fact is that the 250 million Muslims of India, are now the most persecuted, harassed and humiliated minority of the world, going through the #Holocaust, which is the policy tool of Modi, since, he was the CM of province of Gujarat.
Under the circumstances, it is the utmost duty of all the politicians and Pakistanis to urge upon the government of Pakistan to:

– To take up these very serious human rights violations issue at all forums of the world, in coordination with and cooperation of the OIC.

– Immediately take up this extremely serious humanitarian issue with the International Court of Justice, for issuing urgent orders to safe guard the lives of Muslims in India, by appointment a commission for reporting on monthly basis to the ICJ, about the status of Holocaust against Muslims in India.

– File a separate case of War Crimes against the Indian government and military personnel, at the War Crimes court at the Hague, for their war crimes against Kashmiris since 1990, which are very well documented by the Amnesty International and other such world agencies. Simultaneously, Pakistan should try Indian officials and generals for War Crimes, just like the Turkish courts tried the Israelis, after Gaza blockade crisis.

– Just like the Israeli Gaza blockade policy, Indians are committing genocide of Kashmiris, by a well planned policy of starving/cutting off supplies of milk for infants, medicines for the sick and foods etc., for the Muslim population of Kashmir, with extremely long and unending curfews. As such, emulating Turkey (a non-nuclear state) which took head on Israel (a nuclear state) by sending flotilla of relief goods to the Gaza residents; Pakistan should also send/air drop relief supplies to the starving Kashmiris, in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (which is not an Indian territory).

– We must not forget that currently a very serious Indo-China military conflict is brewing at the Sikkim, Bhutan and China border, where both India and China have already sent troops reinforcements. So, this is the best time, Modi’s government can be forced to face justice.


A Pakistani riposte of the Indo-US joint statement..!

Pakistan immediately demands from India to ensure that RAW and Afghanistan is not used to launch terrorist attacks on Pakistan; as already confessed by the Indian agent Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav, awaiting execution after award of his death sentence, on account of his terrorist activities on Pakistani soil.

Pakistan further demands from the Indian government to expeditiously bring to justice those responsible:

– For the massacre of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat under the command and execution of the present day Indian PM and the then CM of the Gujarat province, Narendra Modi, after which it is on record of the American government that visa to visit America was not allowed to Modi, because of the very specific reason that USA government knew that Modi’s hands were soaked with the blood of the Muslims.

– The perpetrators of the Babri Mosque demolition, which resulted in riots in India and subsequent killings of thousands of Muslims.

– Manslaughter of Pakistani Muslim passengers in India, in Samjhota Express train burning genocide.

– War crimes of killing and inhuman torture of over one million Muslim Kashmiris in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, which are very well documented by the Amnesty International and other world organisations.

– Mass level ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India on the flimsy and utterly false pretext of beef issue.

– Cross-border terrorist attacks in Pakistan, perpetrated by Afghanistan-based Indian RAW agents based at Indian consulates in Afghanistan, which acts are even confirmed by the Ex. US Secretary of Defence and other officials.
Link:- http://m.timesofindia.com/india/all-is-well-trump-modi-skirt-trade-wrinkles-to-enhance-geo-strategic-ties/articleshow/59330929.cms


Red Letter Day..!

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Victory in the Mother of all matches..!

Yesterday, Allah Blessed Pakistan with a miraculous, resounding and thumping victory over India, at the Oval cricket ground London.

Ultimately, this match turned into a Fakhar Zaman Vs India affair.

18 June, 2017 will always be remembered as a red letter day, in the sporting history of Pakistan.

Heartiest congratulations to the entire Pakistani nation and the cricket lovers all over the world, on Pakistan’s almost one sided victory in the final match of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, against defending champions India.

This is not simply a victory of a better team, which pulverised and outplayed the former champions, in every department of the game, with clinical precision.

No one can imagine that a team whose country is continuously fighting deadly war against terror for the last 17 years (which is more than the combined time of 12 years of WW 1 [1914-18] & WW 2 1939-45], a county whose economy has been shattered, a country where no foreign cricket team visited for a series since the year 2009, a country whose team was the lowest ranked in the trophy line up has comprehensively, repeat comprehensively beaten the top ranked world teams of South Africa, Sri Lanka, England and India to emerge as the world champions. This speaks volumes about the sporting talent in Pakistan.

The passion with which our team fielded, bowled and batted in this Champions Trophy final game, was unmatched and reminiscent of the days of creation of Pakistan, during the year of 1947.

The whole nation was united by these Champions Trophy cricket matches, like it was, during the 1965 war, against India.

Nothing unites our nation like sports.

Sports has the power to change Pakistan…it has the power to inspire.
It has the power to unite Pakistani people in a way that little else does.

It speaks to the Pakistani youth in a language they understand.

Sports can create hope for the entire Pakistani nation, where once there was only despair, lawlessness, hunger, poverty, drugs, suicide bombings and alarming increase of suicides, due to the economic hardships.

Sports is more powerful than government in breaking down the menace of terrorism, which can only be cured with the mobilisation of youth and channelising its energies towards positive and healthy activities of sports.

However, it has been observed that for the current and previous governments of Pakistan, sports has never been, even the lowest priority.

Resultantly, It is no secret that how politics coupled with corruption, has spoiled the sports in the country, which has earned the DUBIOUS distinction of the worlds BIGGEST nation, NOT to have earned a single medal in the Olympics, since the year 1994. While, much smaller and poorer countries like Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Kenya, have proved that winning medals at international level is just a matter of commitment, dedication and simple hard work, sans politics.

Now, the time has come to immediately take necessary steps for investment in sports and youth of our country, which can easily catapult Pakistan, as top sports power of the world.



Beware of the mistakes..!

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Pakistan must not repeat the following mistakes during the final match on Sunday which it committed on June 4, 2017 CT match played vs India.

1. Inclusion of Wahab Riaz in the team. WR proved most expensive bowler in the history of the CT, by giving 87 runs in 8.4 overs. He gave 11 fours and 2 sixes.
The total number of fours and sixes in the Indian innings were 27 and 10 respectively.

2. Dropping of Junaid Khan who in previous matches always bowled better, against the Indian team.

3. Inclusion in team of Imad Wasim and allowing him to bowl the opening overs was the worst mistake of the match.
Imad Wasim was the most expensive bowler after Wahab Riaz who gave 66 runs in his 9.1 overs @7.20 runs per over without taking any wicket.
Imad Wasim also wasted 5 balls and got out on zero.

4. While the Indians gave us a target which required scoring 6.64 runs per over (at more than 100% strike rate) our top six batsmen (except Shoaib Malik) scored runs at much lower strike rate, detailed as below:

Azhar Ali     50 Runs Strike Rate 76.92
Ahmad S     12 Runs Strike Rate 54.54
Babar A         8 Runs Strike Rate 66.66
M Hafeez    33 Runs Strike Rate 76.74
S Malik      15 Runs Strike Rate 166.66
Sarfaraz      15 Runs Strike Rate 93.75

5. Our team played 115 Dot balls out of 202 balls, which comes to almost 60%.
This means we practically consumed 30 overs as Dot balls, in a 50 overs match.

5. When fast bowlers are dominating over batsmen with their aggressive spells, the captain must think proactively and keep two or even three fielders in the slips. Remember, we missed a catch in second slip of Rohit Sharma at 14 and then he went on to score 91 runs.

6. In the last four overs, we gave a record 72 runs, out of which Imad Wasim bowled 2 overs and gave 44 runs.

7. Not playing a hard hitting batsman and pacer Fahim Ashraf and wrong selection of Imad Wasim against the Indian team, which loves batting against the spinners, was the most expensive mistake of the Pakistani team management.

Wishing best of luck to the Pakistani team at the CT17 final match to be played at the Oval ground of London, on 18 June, 2017.



Recipe for Winning the Final Match vs India of CT17

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on June 16, 2017 in Cricket, My Views, Pakistan, Sports

We can beat India only by out of box thinking, ruthless positive approach and aggressive intents, with no place for orthodox or emotional thinking.

1. Sarfraz Ahmad must open with left handed Fakhar Zaman.
2. We must attack in all the three departments of batting, bowling and fielding.
3. We must utilise Ahmad Shahzad as substitute fielder at all times.
4. We must brain wash our fielders that run outs are created; rather than waiting for the opponent batsmen to make mistakes. As such, our fielders should pounce upon and try to run out Indian batsmen on slightest chance of a run out, without any fear of over throws. Hence, all fielders should consider themselves as a member of the bowling unit.
5. We must play first 10 overs with a positive mind and in a very aggressive manner, with 100 runs target in mind.
6. We must not allow run rate to come down due to the fall of wickets, which will, in any case fall, during the innings.
7. Singles are as important as boundaries. Hence, minimise DOT balls.
8. Indian bowler BUMRAH is an expert in Yorkers. We must practice hard for playing Yorkers.
9. For playing the moving ball, watch the ball till the last moment.
10. Keep maximum overs of Amir reserved for bowling at Kohli, who is very uncomfortable playing his bowling, particularly Amir’s over pitch balls.
11. For first 10 overs keep one fielder posted at extra cover or mid off position, on the boundary line.
12. We must try to get the Indians all out by placement of aggressive and smart fielding and in this regard, we should not be afraid of sacrificing few runs for the bigger cause of getting Indian batsmen out.
13. Our fast bowlers must, repeat must, bowl maximum Yorkers, as Junaid Khan splendidly did against the South African batsmen.
14. At the Oval ground the pitch will be 100% perfect for batting, with no help for leg spin wrist bowling. Hence, inclusion of Fahim Ashraf over the leg spinner, should be the logical choice. Otherwise also never forget that the Indians are masters of milking the spinners.
15. Our selection of team should be on the best formula of horses for courses; rather than going on the adage of don’t change the winning combination.
16. The batting order may be shuffled as following, from the squad of 15.
1. Sarfaraz Ahmad
2. Fakhar Zaman
3. Babar Azam
4. Muhammad Hafeez
5. Shoaib Malik
6. Fahim Ashraf
7. Imad Wasim
8. Muhammad Amir
9. Hasan Ali
10. Ruman Raes
11. Junaid Khan

12. Ahmad Shahzad
13. Shadab Khan
14. Haris Suhail
15. Azhar Ali


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