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– Mystery of PSL
– Indian Connection
– Real Reasons of Not Allowing Audit of PSL 1 & 2

Dear Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi



After NAB ordered inquiry into the alleged corruption in Pakistan Cricket Board and pathetic performance of our team in NZ (in the 3rd ODI vs NZ team, our team also created lowest score record, in first 10 overs in an ODI match by just scoring shameful 9 runs for 3 wickets in the first ten overs), you may ask Mr. Najam Sethi to step down immediately from the post of the PCB chairman, which has been virtually turned into a Pathetic Cricket Board; and you as PM Pakistan, can not be a silent spectator, being the patron of a Pathetic Cricket Board, facing NAB inquiry for corruption.

Here, you are also reminded that yesterday, in the U19 ODI World match, Pakistani U19 cricket team lost the match against Afghanistan; and incidentally this was the third repeat third, consecutive defeat of our U19 team against the Afghan U19 team, just in a short period of the last few weeks.

Similarly, our ladies team’s performance is going from bad to worse and Mr. Najam Sethi is only busy sending our players in the lap of the Indians infested T10 League, not raising any objections in the ICC to the Indian plan of making BCCI as
Big-1. And despite such a huge and highly anti-Pakistan’s interest, favours to the Indians, by Mr. Najam Sethi, what we got from the Indians was that they refused to send to Pakistan, their blind cricketers team to play the ongoing World Cup matches in Pakistan; and on top of that Mr. Najam Sethi allowed last week our blind cricketers team to play against the Indian team, the World Cup match, in the UAE.

Under the circumstances, you may have the following choices.

One, allow Mr. Najam Sethi to merge the PCB with the Indian cricket board (BCCI) and finish this issue of why and for what official and personal reasons/gains, Mr. Najam Sethi is constantly humiliating Pakistan, by supporting out of the way [also remember Mr. Najam Sethi’s all out full support to the Indians, in the year 2014 Big-3 fiasco, when, even Indian notables were raising their voices, against this Indian hegemonist plan in the ICC].

However, most alarming thing happened recently. At the PCB’s last BOG meeting, it was suggested that Quaid-e-Azam Trophy should be discontinued as it has been a commercial loss in recent years. This is perhaps the most ridiculous idea ever proposed. Quaid-e-Azam trophy is country’s premier first class tournament since 1947. And everyone with a little knowledge of cricket knows that first class cricket is the Prime rather, the only nursery to prepare and assess players for the Test Cricket, which in turn is easily the most important format of international cricket. Even the mere mention of such an idea, is a reason big enough, to dismiss the entire BOG en-bloc.

Two, the Prime Minister and the Patron in Chief of the PCB may immediately disband the entire BOG of the PCB and appoint an ad-hoc committee comprising of competent, well reputed, educated and world renowned retired Pakistani cricketers and other notables of the country.(Don’t forget that this is such a BOG which also has the federal secretary of ministry of IPC) as its member, but no one repeat no one, raised any questions in the board meetings about:

~ Mr. Najam Sethi’s constant uncalled-for support to India.

~ Mr. Najam Sethi NOT allowing the auditors to SEPARATELY audit the PSL-1 and PSL-2 accounts, despite Mr. Najam Sethi telling the nation on media many times that PSL-1 accounts have been audited and PSL-2 accounts are under audit. What has actually happened is that only PCB’s accounts have been audited, but then why blatantly mislead the nation on media that PSL-1 accounts have been audited and PSL-2’s audit, about to be completed, in January 2018.

If Mr. Najam Sethi now comes out with an idea that there was no need for a separate PSL accounts, because PSL was not a separate company of the PCB, but it was just another department of the board, then he must answer the following questions:

1. Why many times over the TV and in his press talks, Mr. Najam Sethi is on record having said that PSL-1 accounts have been audited and approved by the BOG; and even in his very last press talk after the BOG meeting, he said that PSL-1 audit was done and PSL-2 audit will be completed in January 2018?

2. If PSL was the department of the PCB why Mr. Najam Sethi did not designate himself as Director PSL, instead of the chairman PSL, as per practice of the nomenclature of the department heads, of the PCB?

3. Now when Mr. Najam Sethi is the chairman of the PCB, why no one else has been designated as the HoD of the PSL?

4. Why separately and unlawfully very high amounts of salaries were paid to those employees of the PCB, who were looking after the PSL’s work? Now, who will pay back these unlawful salary disbursements to the PCB, Mr. Najam Sethi the then chairman PSL, CFO, all the members of the audit committee or all the members of the BOG, who raised no questions on these unlawful payments?

5. COO of the PCB is COO of the entire board operations, then why the COO was also not paid the PSL salary allowance? Does it not mean that PSL was not under the ambit of the COO, which proves, it was not just another department of the PCB?

6. Mr. Najam Sethi seems to have violated the ethics and norms of the corporate good governance practices by keeping himself as a member of the Audit committee of the PCB, which resulted in the audit committee of the PCB not raising any objections for not conducting a separate audit of the PCB.

The major financial impacts of not getting done a separate audit of the PSL-1 are as following:

1. Mr. Najam Sethi got approved the accounts of PCB’s audit, from the entire members of the BOG, despite the following huge financial irregularities:

a) PSL paid Rs.22 Crore to the five franchises:

– Without any binding clause in the franchise agreement, which means this payment was not required/unlawful, as per PCB/PSL’s agreement, with the five franchises.

– Strangely repeat strangely, no audit of the five franchises was conducted by the PCB to verify the accounts of the franchises for payment of Rs.22 crore on this account of “ losses compensation”.

b). An amount of about Rs.40 crore was paid to the franchises on account of a one sided and strange clause in the franchise agreement, which stated that franchises will be paid out of the Pool Money, a minimum of 80% income under pool money.

Nowhere, in any agreement, minimum limit of payment is mentioned. And the upper or maximum limit of payment was deliberately not mentioned in the franchise agreement, which caused huge and strange loss to the PCB.

Accordingly, this clause resulted in unprecedentedly reduced payment to the PCB, on account of pool money income, notwithstanding the fact that initially, the PSL got all the time, resources and money from the PCB.

This huge payment of pool money (minimum 80% maximum no limit) to the five franchises was also highly disproportionate to the seed money’s big share of the PCB, which it contributed at the time of establishment of PSL secretariat.

c). Beyond agreement Payment of Rs.5 crore to the five franchises on account of Support fund.
d). If audit of the PSL-1 was done separately from the PCB, this fact would have also come to the light that PSL-1 budgeted expenditure was about Rs.77 crore, but actual expenditure went to almost Rs.90 crore. Again no vouchers verified, no tangible and cogent reasons were provided with documentary proof of basis of originally budgeting the expenditure and verifiable documentary evidences, of reasons of excess actual expenditure of crores of Rupees.

Sir, you may appoint any deserving person as new chairman PCB; with the following specific tasks:

~To revamp/turn around PCB, as a world class organisation within 60 days.

~ To arrange an audit of the PSL-1 and PSL-2 from the office of the Auditor General of Pakistan and submit reports within 45 days.

The PM may in order to meet the demands of the justice issue necessary orders to the Interior Ministry to put the names of the chairman PCB, all members of the PCB’s BOG (since 2014 onwards), all the regular and contractual employees and consultants on ECL with immediate effect; and till the clearance of the organisations, conducting inquiry/investigations/audit of the PCB.

Sir, you may in the meantime also form a very high level JIT of the premier intelligence agencies of Pakistan {don’t forget when Ch. Nisar as Interior Minister directed the FIA to immediately investigate the PSL-2 spot fixing scandal, because it caused national defamation and tarnished the image of Pakistan, Mr. Najam Sethi opposed it tooth and nail and the FIA was not allowed to investigate the PSL-2 spot fixing scandal, although Mr. Najam Sethi openly stated in media that he had CONCRETE prior information about the spot fixing but still he allowed it to go ahead} to investigate all recent (2014 – 2018) match/spot fixing charges, levelled even against the chairman PCB, to rid the country of this cancerous menace, once and for ever.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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