Mother of all questions..!

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1. Has the the ICC accorded its approval to the T10 League? If not, then how and why their presence will be there and will have a check on any misdeeds of the players/officials?

2. Why PCB wants to take a chance of sponsorship losses for its own franchises, by holding ICC non approved event, so close to PSL tournament, which is definitely expected to suffer losses due to sponsorship fatigue, which is bound to happen by the diversion of sponsors budgets/funds to T10 League?

3. Why such a tight Indian strangle hold have been allowed over this ICC unapproved league where 67% shares are held by an Indian named Shaji al Mulk?

4. Will BCCI ever allow its 28 players to participate in a League of a Pakistani major (67%) share holder? If not then why PCB has thrown its approval to the feet of an Indian investor?

5. The non participation of almost any reputed Indian player is a big question mark which needs answer in light of the fact that out of the six teams three are owned by the Indians and one by a SriLankan. Only two out of the six teams are owned by Pakistanis.

6. The mother of all questions is that why the PCB chairman took a 180 degrees U turn and allowed 28 players to participate in the T10 League? after announcing that:

a). No Pakistani player to participate in the T10 League.

b). PCB has no connection or link with T10 League.
According to sources, PSL franchise owners said that participation in short-format cricket makes the players prone to misdemeanor, so Pakistani players should not be allowed to be a part of the T10 league.

However, Sethi rejected their demand and clarified that PCB and ICC officials will be present in the event which nearly nullifies the chances of any misdeeds.

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