Minister Tarnishing Pakistan’s Image..!

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on February 27, 2017 in Corruption, Cricket, My Views, Pakistan, Sports |

Respected Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Sahab,



Your kind attention is invited towards the following statement of your cabinet minister, Mr. Riaz Peerzada, who is also looking after the sports matters:

Pakistan’s minister of IPC ministry Mr. Riaz Peerzada talking about the two PSL cricket players, recently caught for the violations of anti corruption laws of the ICC/PCB, has said that why to create so much fuss about a player found out playing just two dot balls for spot fixing. He (Sharjeel Khan) has not committed any MURDER. (Link of his video talk.. )

This also raises question why not to free all criminals from jails, who are not murder convicts.

Now please read below the opinion of the famous and world renowned cricketer Sir Viv Richards on the issue of match fixing:

Vivian Richards writes in his book “VIV RICHARDS” and gives his opinion on match fixing and its punishment at page 219, quoted as below:

Quote. “The problem needs to be taken more seriously and be throughly investigated. Anyone caught and proved beyond doubt to be involved in match-fixing should be given the maximum punishment, both within the game and under the laws of the country in which it happens. In my view, it’s a kind of treason, selling your country out. At one time that would have meant being put in front of a firing squad. How can anyone sell out his or her country for a few bucks? It is beyond my comprehension.” Unquote.

In view of the foregoing and knowing that you have a zero tolerance policy, when it comes to the image, reputation and prestige of Pakistan; and under the circumstances, wherein, your minister has openly compromised the sacred name of the motherland, you are earnestly requested to immediately ask the concerned minister to forthwith submit his resignation, for defaming Pakistan and making our country a laughingstock, which is also a blatant violation of the oath of his office, as well.

An urgent action shall be highly appreciated by the nation and will tremendously enhance your own personal image.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad
PS. Kindly advise the concerned to urgently make strict laws for most harsh punishments on the crime of match/spot fixings in all sports in Pakistan.

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