How to Win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017?

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on June 8, 2017 in Cricket, My Views, Pakistan, Sports |


MashaAllah great achievement of our team, led by a tiger with his aggressive captaincy, to beat South Africa  the world # 1 ranking team of the ODI.

1. Fahim Ashraf must be considered to be included in the team for next matches, because the difference to the performance of our team was clearly visible, by the carefree batting of just one new comer namely, Fakhr Zaman.

2. Moreover, Azhar Ali is a load on our ODI team combination; and has badly disturbed the balance and performance of our team.

3. Remember, if we have to WIN this tournament, we need more than just ONE aggressive batsmen like Fakhar Zaman; and another aggressive hitter, namely, Fahim Ashraf must be included in the team. Every time rain will NOT come to our rescue.
Moreover, to expect from Fakhr Zaman to fire in every innings, will also not be a wise planning.
InshaAllah, we have to  settle score with India in the final match; and another pinch hitter like Fahim Ashraf, has the ability to destroy the bowling of the opponents.

4. Now, only positive and aggressive thinking, planning and execution can make us the world champions.
As such, after the victory against the world # 1 ranked South African team, we must not look back, as we did in the 1992 ODI World Cup, after defeating the NewZealand’s most favourite team of that time.

In this regard, please note:

a). Yesterday in our match against SA the excellent yorker bowling by our pacers, was a main factor in puzzling and containing the world class SA batsmen, to a very low total of 219.
As such, please give more and more practise to our pacers to bowl even more yorkers in the coming matches, as pitches are perfect and very batsmen friendly.
b). Although, wicket was not taking turn and balls were not spinning a great deal, yet our spinners got more wickets, simply, because they bowled straight and wicket to wicket.
Since, Hafeez, Shoaib Malik and Imad Wasim have bowled in a much improved manner; slow and spin bowling spells, Shadab can be rested for SL match and Fahim Ashraf can be included in the team.
c). In the fielding department our teams catching, especially holding the high catches coming at the out field, has shown much improvement. However, throwing from out field to keeper and at stumps, still needs lot of improvement, if we have to become the champion.
As such, more intense practice is needed in these areas as explained above.
Since, research has proved that one bounce throws have more chances of hitting the stumps, for run outs, than the direct aerial throws, our fielders must practice more, hitting the stumps, with one bounce throws.
d). Yesterday, newcomer Fakhar Zaman, gave a lesson to our senior players that how to steal singles while running between the wickets with the speed of a bullet; and also how to convert singles into doubles. If we have to be the world champion, we (all our batsmen) must practice hard to rotate the strike and spread panic into the opponent camp, by snatching singles and doubles, where apparently there was no score.
This will instantly demoralise the opponent fielders and there will be no need for hitting a boundary, on every second ball.


e). Last but not the least, captain Sarfaraz Ahmad must promote himself in the batting order.


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