Pakistan – A recipe for way forward..!

Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on September 27, 2017 in Action Plan to Revive Pak Economy, My Views, Pakistan |

It is not a rocket science to understand that for any military to perform its national duties, sound economic conditions are as important, as ammoniation for its guns.

It is also a well known documented fact that Pakistan’s repayments of extremely expensive loans, coupled with huge trade gap, yawning current account deficit, declining remittances, huge losses of the state owned enterprises like PIA, Steel Mills and Railways etc., massive corruption which has grown to such an extent that the size of Pakistan’s black economy has overtaken the size of the annual budget of the country, huge level of money laundering, surpassing the figures of $10 billion annually and depreciating Rupee value has virtually strangulated and stunted the growth and development of the country.

As such, business as usual is a sure recipe for disaster and imminent radical change, the need of the hour for Pakistan.

Somehow, no political party worth its name in Pakistan, has proved that it can solve the issues afflicting the masses of the country. It looks all of them have neither the capacity, nor the will to deliver in the true sense. May be the system in our society, was never designed to serve the teeming millions.

Under the circumstances, there are clear signs written on the wall that very soon, Pakistan may face chaotic law and order situation, resembling the turmoil of the French Revolution.

In view of the foregoing, where the statehood of Pakistan seems to be facing imminent existential crisis, it is high time that immediate corrective surgical actions, like bringing in a very lean but professional consensus government of young, qualified, renowned, reputed and honest people of less than 45 years age, be installed in the center and the provinces, with the below mentioned specific tasks, to be completed, in six months:

– Revival of economy.

– Drafting a new social contract, with special focus on the have nots, which should also encompass devising new policies for the next 100 years, on every sector like education, health, industry (civil & military), mining including mining of precious metals, shipping, air/road/river transportations, space/science and technology, IT, agriculture, justice, tourism, development of new mega cities, energy, housing, sports, service sectors, films/arts etc etc.

– Devising a workable governance plan and innovative presidential political system (which should be free from blackmailing of the elected representatives) to convert every division of the country, into a province, with 100% devolution of power and provisions of funds, to the last tier of the local bodies system.

– Develop plans to further increase the scope of CPEC projects.

– Develop mechanism to minimise corruption and money laundering.

– Prepare robust strategy to immediately bring back illegal wealth, stashed abroad by the Pakistani nationals, which is estimated to be around worth $1 trillion in cash, real state and other forms.

– Prepare plan to bring each and every economic activity, under documentation.

– Devise plans to increase productivity and competitiveness of the local industry.

– Prepare Plans for minimising taxes and duties etc.

I have no qualms in admitting that the current elder generation, has utterly failed to save Pakistan, from going bankrupt, in the every sphere of life; therefore, we must hand over the mantle to the younger generation, to come forward and try to re-build our nation, to the highest stage of the glory.

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