How not to select a hit man?

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,



These days it is widely speculated that soon you will be appointing a new finance minister.

In this regard, obviously you will be interviewing few deserving persons, for selecting the best candidate, for the post of finance minister of Pakistan.

I take this opportunity to suggest you to appoint such a person, for this very important and crucial job, who will give you the best plan, to do ONLY the following two jobs for Pakistan in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME,  under your cabinet:

– How to make Pakistan free of entire foreign debt?

– How to bring back wealth belonging to Pakistan, stashed illegally, in the foreign countries?

As, it must be in your knowledge that the above two issues were the main points, in the PMLN’s election manifesto promises with the nation, during the election campaign of general elections 2013; about which your party has miserably failed up-till now, but will be answerable for these promises to its voters, during the next general elections.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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