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Posted by Syed Nayyar Uddin on June 18, 2017 in Cricket, My Views, Pakistan, Sports |

Pakistan must not repeat the following mistakes during the final match on Sunday which it committed on June 4, 2017 CT match played vs India.

1. Inclusion of Wahab Riaz in the team. WR proved most expensive bowler in the history of the CT, by giving 87 runs in 8.4 overs. He gave 11 fours and 2 sixes.
The total number of fours and sixes in the Indian innings were 27 and 10 respectively.

2. Dropping of Junaid Khan who in previous matches always bowled better, against the Indian team.

3. Inclusion in team of Imad Wasim and allowing him to bowl the opening overs was the worst mistake of the match.
Imad Wasim was the most expensive bowler after Wahab Riaz who gave 66 runs in his 9.1 overs @7.20 runs per over without taking any wicket.
Imad Wasim also wasted 5 balls and got out on zero.

4. While the Indians gave us a target which required scoring 6.64 runs per over (at more than 100% strike rate) our top six batsmen (except Shoaib Malik) scored runs at much lower strike rate, detailed as below:

Azhar Ali     50 Runs Strike Rate 76.92
Ahmad S     12 Runs Strike Rate 54.54
Babar A         8 Runs Strike Rate 66.66
M Hafeez    33 Runs Strike Rate 76.74
S Malik      15 Runs Strike Rate 166.66
Sarfaraz      15 Runs Strike Rate 93.75

5. Our team played 115 Dot balls out of 202 balls, which comes to almost 60%.
This means we practically consumed 30 overs as Dot balls, in a 50 overs match.

5. When fast bowlers are dominating over batsmen with their aggressive spells, the captain must think proactively and keep two or even three fielders in the slips. Remember, we missed a catch in second slip of Rohit Sharma at 14 and then he went on to score 91 runs.

6. In the last four overs, we gave a record 72 runs, out of which Imad Wasim bowled 2 overs and gave 44 runs.

7. Not playing a hard hitting batsman and pacer Fahim Ashraf and wrong selection of Imad Wasim against the Indian team, which loves batting against the spinners, was the most expensive mistake of the Pakistani team management.

Wishing best of luck to the Pakistani team at the CT17 final match to be played at the Oval ground of London, on 18 June, 2017.


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