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اسلام و علیکم

Since the last few days, our enemies have launched an unprecedented all out covert war against civil and military personnel and establishments, wherein, the entire country is suffering a bloodbath from East to West and North to South.

In view of the highly volatile situation, it is extremely imperative that Pakistan responds to this emergency in a swift, effective and offensive manner, so that our enemies must know well and truly, that Pakistani nation will extract full price of their mischief against our motherland; else our enemies will have a satisfying feeling that Pakistanis are a sitting duck and they can destroy us with impunity, without any retaliation.

In this regard, kindly peruse the following article submitted to our government on 11 August, 2016 titled “Pakistan’s world war”, which is still very relevant, rather, even more relevant today, in devising the strategy to fight the scourge of terrorism, with proactive internal and external action plans.

(11August, 2016)

Now, a time has come that Pakistan can not and must not allow this proxy war imposed by two of its known inimical neighbours namely; Afghanistan and India; to be just a kind of a routine exercise, to wait for the terrorists to attack, as per their will and evil designs; and after that we ask our law enforcing agencies, to go after them and their facilitators, with an iron hand. This sort of mind set will ruin us completely, sooner than later.

Offence is the best defence. Pakistan must inform the United Nations, Afghanistan and India that come what may, Pakistan will launch severe punitive strikes inside Afghanistan, on its terrorists training bases and on the Indian consulates, as well.

We must remember that when it comes to a do or die situation, especially for a nuclear power, then there is no going back.

Precisely, this was the reason that USA was absolutely ready for a nuclear war, when Russia planned to install missiles, in its back yard in Cuba.

Actually, the current strategy of our known enemies, to wage an out-sourced third party war, to disintegrate and degenerate a nuclear Pakistan, suits them as the best option, without any cost to our enemies.

As such, it is high time that our strategy is revamped and rehashed, to let our enemies and the whole world know very clearly that red lines of Pakistan’s conventional and nuclear thresholds have been crossed; and we reserve the right to use any and all weapons, to safeguard our national interests. This means clearly the use of nuclear and all weapons at our disposal, because we can’t sit idle and witness our own demise, without any punishment to the mischief mongers.

In this regard, if the UNO or the world powers wants to take steps to ensure peace on our western borders, we should have no objection, provided all the Indian consulates established, after the NATO invasion of Afghanistan, are permanently shut down, just as Russia accepted American demands, during the Cuban crisis. (In fact, before the start of the NATO invasion of Afghanistan the USA had accepted this Pakistani condition that India will have no role in this Afghan war on terror).

So, for a nuclear Pakistan, enough is enough. We must not forget that any all-out nuclear war between India and Pakistan, will not only be a complete annihilation of both the countries, but it will be an Armageddon, for the entire planet, as well.

As the matter is extremely grave and fraught with dangerous consequences, we must prove beforehand to the world the Indo-Afghan nexus against Pakistan, with factual statements of American leaders and scholars and other related water tight evidences and documents.

In this regard, besides the other evidences like the video of Indian NSA Ajit Doval, wherein, he is talking in detail, about his defensive offensive strategy and removing thorn with a thorn; the following must be used as a proof of the Indo-Afghan designs against Pakistan:

– In 2008, the Indian naval chief, Admiral Suresh Mehta, expressed concerns over the development of Gwadar port and had said, “Being only 180 nautical miles from the exit of the Straits of Hormuz, Gwadar, being built in Balochistan coast, would enable Pakistan to take control over the world energy jugular and interdiction of Indian tankers.”

– Senator Chuck Hagel, who later became US Secretary of Defence, earlier commented on India’s role in Afghanistan, during a speech at the Cameron University in Oklahoma in 2011, quoted as below: Quote “India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan from across the border in Afghanistan.” In his talk on Afghanistan, Mr Hagel reportedly said that India had been using Afghanistan as a second front against Pakistan. “India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border, and you can carry that into many dimensions.” He noted that India took advantage of tensions between Kabul and Islamabad for fomenting troubles in the areas that border Afghanistan.“ The point being [that] the tense, fragmented relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been there for many, many years,” he said.

– Mr Hagel is not the only American to suggest that India has been using Afghanistan for stirring troubles in Pakistan. C. Christine Fair, an assistant professor at Georgetown University, made similar suggestion during a congressional hearing on Afghanistan in 2011.

– In June 2015 the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Bangladesh said “heard what my ears would never want to hear again – Narendra Modi’s acceptance of India’s lethal plan in the disintegration of East Pakistan in 1971, and its threat to destabilise Pakistan through terrorism.” His statement also proved that the specific aim of creating RAW in 1968 was to subvert the people of former East Pakistan and prepare grounds for the creation of Bangladesh for the training of over one million Mukti Bahini.

– The following text of India-Pakistan joint statement in Sharm-el-Sheikh between Manmohan Singh and Pakistan PM Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on July 16, 2009 clearly proves that Indian hand in creating mischief in Balouchistan was exposed right on the face of the Indian PM:
Quote.”Prime Minister Gilani mentioned that Pakistan has some information on threats in Baluchistan and other areas.”Unquote.

– The following news titled “Capture of spy proves India’s interference in Pakistan: army” reported by the daily Dawn on 30 March, 2016 (Link:- leaves no doubt of active Indian sabotage and killings in Pakistan, which clearly tantamount to waging undeclared war by India against Pakistan:


The army has said that the capture of an Indian spy in Balochistan is a proof of India’s interference in Pakistan. “This is no less than the state-sponsored terrorism,” military spokesman Lt Gen Asim Bajwa said on Tuesday while releasing a six-minute video of confessional statement given by the spy, who identified himself as Kulbhushan Yadav and said he had been operating under the cover name of Hussain Mubarik Patel. The military spokesman said that Yadav would be prosecuted as per the law of land. Responding to a question about granting consular access to him as sought by the Indian government, Gen Bajwa said he was caught red-handed while planning subversive activity in Pakistan and a decision in this regard would be taken later. “We’ll cross the bridge when we come to it. There are lots of technicalities involved in it,” he said. He said it was a rare incident for a serving military officer to have been caught in another country. In his statement, Yadav said that he was a resident of Mumbai, where he was commissioned in January 1991, and belonged to Indian Navy’s engineering cadre. He said he held the rank of commander and his service number was 41558Z. He detailed how he entered the intelligence world and joined RAW in 2013 after which he was assigned the task of promoting unrest in Balochistan and Karachi. He had previously visited Karachi undetected in 2003 and 2004 from Chabahar (Iran), where he had established his jewellery business to conceal his activities. He disclosed that he worked with Baloch student organisations and other insurgents for carrying out his activities. He said Anil Kumar Gupta, a RAW officer of the rank of joint secretary, was his supervisor. Yadav said he was arrested on March 3, 2016, and was voluntarily giving the statement and cooperating with his investigators. Gen Bajwa said the primary task given to Yadav was to revive the dying Balochistan insurgency and sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Yadav, he said, was planning to attack the Gwadar Hotel where Chinese were staying and where there was presence of a sectarian organisation. The spokesman said they had planned to bring in 30-40 trained RAW operatives to coordinate and help in reviving the Baloch insurgency.

The world now must be informed that Pakistan is not in an ordinary war, rather, for us it is our world war, which is being fought for the life and death of Pakistan. Already Pakistan has suffered casualties of nearly 80,000 civilian and military personnel and about a trillion dollar economic loss. This type of war has not been witnessed by any other nation, in the history of the world.

Moreover, it seems that this fight may not end very soon, in the near future. As such, our civil, military and all non military people, will have to stand united in front of the terrorists, who are hell bent to fight this war, not in our back yard, but right in the middle of our homeland.

In any crime investigations, the first logical step is to find the beneficiary of that criminal act. Here, in Pakistan we have observed a pattern, which reveals that either, the terrorists have been targeting the GHQ, Naval and Air Force bases or indulging in specific targeted attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers, Chinese nationals and other foreigners, soft targets like pilgrims at far off places shrines, intelligentsia, polio workers, hospitals, educational institutions, busy markets, protestors on roads, tourists and Pakistani minorities.

All these operations are carried out (at specifically chosen vital timings) not only to inflict maximum men and material losses, but also to undermine Pakistan’s military power, sabotage CPEC, create isolation in foreign policy and inflict maximum damage on economy, sports and tourism etc.

We should not be so naive to indefinitely close our eyes and ignore the role of presence of Indian consulates, specially based near the Pakistan’s western borders with Afghanistan.

In fact, the terrorism in Karachi and the insurgencies of Swat and Balouchistan are a clear testimony of the Indian evil designs, being perpetrated through these consulates in Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan must clearly know that this Indian game plan, specifically designed to keep Pakistan bleeding for an indefinite period, will never cease, till such time we repay the Indians in the same coins, by devising a strategy, to fight fire with fire.

Therefore, it is high time that Pakistan officially warn India to immediately pack up all its consulates in Afghanistan, failing which we should also immediately take steps to establish our own consulates, in the border areas of all those countries, which share a common border with India.

The recent sudden increase of acts of terrorism, also highlights the importance of preventive measures to curb this menace, which is causing severe losses of innocent lives, material and reputation of the country.

In the cases of previous terrorist attacks on the GHQ, PIDC house & Pakistan Navy air base and other such incidents, it was reported that the gang of attackers were residing in rented houses for quite some time, in an area not very far away from their targets. It was also reported that the neighbours of these houses were although, suspicious of these tenants, yet, they kept quiet and did not tip area police, about their apprehensions.

Under the circumstances, there is a dire need for motivating general public, which must remain extra-vigilant, in playing their role of defending the motherland, by involvement of entire population of the country, to look out in their near vicinity, for the stay and suspicious activities of the terrorist.

As such, In order to make the stay of the terrorists at any such places, almost impossible; it is proposed to actively involve the entire population, to look out & hunt them.

This objective can be easily achieved, by the announcement of the government, that a reward of Rs. 100 millions or Rupees ten crores, shall be paid to any person, who informs the Police, about the terrorist(s) staying in a house, hostel, hotel, rest house etc.

If our war against terror and for our survival is to be won quickly, the entire population of the country, shall have to be geared up and involved in the task of watch and vigilance.

Last but not the least, as is done in many countries, compulsory three years military service law, must be enacted for entire Pakistani citizens, without any discrimination of rich and poor. Besides many other benefits, it will help produce a new generation of disciplined and physically fit Pakistanis.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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