Ae Tair-e-Lahooti! Uss Rizq Se Mout Achi

PMLN must repay personally the current national total loan burden of USD 250 billion.
Dear Messrs Nawaz Sharif, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Ahsan Iqbal, all cabinet and PMLN party leadership.


Hope none of you will be aware that as of now, the latest figure of the total debt of Pakistan (internal+external) stands at Rs.25 trillion or $250 billion, which is almost equal to the total GDP of Pakistan.

Here, I would like to remind you the following:

1. The main election slogan of PMLn in 2013 general elections was:

Ae Tair-e-Lahooti! Uss Rizq Se Mout Achi
Jis Rizq Se Ati Ho Parwaz Mein Kotahi

2. PMLN’s E13 manifesto specifically made the following two commitments:

a). Beggars bowl will be broken.

b). Pakistan’s wealth stashed in foreign countries will be brought back in the country.

In view of the 100% failure of your government on the above commitments, resulting in Pakistan’s virtual economic subjugation before its creditors, the only honourable way left for your party and its top leadership is to quit the government immediately; as an atonement for deliberately pushing Pakistan towards the darkness of the economic abyss, before the mass awakening, for demanding registration of cases, against the entire cabinet and party leadership, for the recovery of total odious loans, obtained in your tenure of the government, personally from all cabinet and party members.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad
PS. Related news item:
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is often accused of manipulating figures to show reduced fiscal deficit as well as the total debt that according to the central bank rose to Rs22.2 trillion in 2016-17 compared to Rs14.8 trillion of 2013. The latest figure of the total debt stands at Rs25 trillion or USD 250 billion.

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