Modi’s India must stop genocide of Muslim minority in the name of cow..!


Since 2014, when #Modi, the #butcher of #Muslims in #Gujrat, became #PM of #India, #cow #terrorism has resulted in 32 mob attacks which have resulted in #genocide/#lynching of 23 Muslims, all over India.
Modi is running a systematic campaign to advance his political agenda to kill, harass and subjugate about 250 million Muslims in India, to perpetuate his rule on kill, hate and humiliate Muslims in India; and hurl threats of all sorts, including stoppage of water, against Pakistan policy, which is a very popular slogan/doctrine, among the majority of Hindu #RSS (#Hindu terrorist organisation) extremists and hardliners in India, who have even suppressed the voices of protests of moderate Hindus of India.
Virtually, moderate Indians have become hostage of the 21st century #Hitler (Modi).
Just like Hitler, Modi is unleashing a #Holocaust of the unimaginable physical and mental torture, for the 250 million Muslims of India.
Now, this situation has reached such a level that entire, repeat entire 250 million population of Muslims in India, have become virtual prisoners of terror of Modi’s anti-Muslim policy.
Recently, #UN declared the Muslims of #Rohingya, as the most persecuted minority of the world. The fact is that the 250 million Muslims of India, are now the most persecuted, harassed and humiliated minority of the world, going through the #Holocaust, which is the policy tool of Modi, since, he was the CM of province of Gujarat.
Under the circumstances, it is the utmost duty of all the politicians and Pakistanis to urge upon the government of Pakistan to:

– To take up these very serious human rights violations issue at all forums of the world, in coordination with and cooperation of the OIC.

– Immediately take up this extremely serious humanitarian issue with the International Court of Justice, for issuing urgent orders to safe guard the lives of Muslims in India, by appointment a commission for reporting on monthly basis to the ICJ, about the status of Holocaust against Muslims in India.

– File a separate case of War Crimes against the Indian government and military personnel, at the War Crimes court at the Hague, for their war crimes against Kashmiris since 1990, which are very well documented by the Amnesty International and other such world agencies. Simultaneously, Pakistan should try Indian officials and generals for War Crimes, just like the Turkish courts tried the Israelis, after Gaza blockade crisis.

– Just like the Israeli Gaza blockade policy, Indians are committing genocide of Kashmiris, by a well planned policy of starving/cutting off supplies of milk for infants, medicines for the sick and foods etc., for the Muslim population of Kashmir, with extremely long and unending curfews. As such, emulating Turkey (a non-nuclear state) which took head on Israel (a nuclear state) by sending flotilla of relief goods to the Gaza residents; Pakistan should also send/air drop relief supplies to the starving Kashmiris, in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (which is not an Indian territory).

– We must not forget that currently a very serious Indo-China military conflict is brewing at the Sikkim, Bhutan and China border, where both India and China have already sent troops reinforcements. So, this is the best time, Modi’s government can be forced to face justice.

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